Duebre Fixed & Specialty Nozzles

Quality German-made sewer nozzles distributed in the Americas

Founded in 1977 by Rudy Brendle, DuebreTec began their manufacturing business with a focus on milling, drilling, and turning work for metals in Germany. DuebreTec is a family-owned company that can now offer a wide range of high- and low-pressure cleaning solutions. Approximately 90% of the parts for DuebreTec’s nozzles are made in their production facility in Dettingen an der Erms, Germany. DuebreTec is passionate about continuous innovation and the constant pursuit of learning to create quality tools and custom solutions. DuebreTec manufacture nozzles from 0-58000 psi for many different applications.


Allstar Kit 2.0

The ultimate starter kit, the Allstar Kit 2.0 is packed with a rotating Spider nozzle and 5 different milling-style heads to suit 4”, 6”, and 8” pipes.



Suitable for use with recycled water, Duebre EXL (Extra Life) nozzles are the go-to for everything from soft deposits to heavy blockages.



The Blue family excels in removing tough materials from the circumference of the pipe, backed by strong thrust and flushing power.



For more difficult deposits like mineral accumulation, hard greases, concrete, and grout wash, you need a vibrating D-Roto rotational tool.



Spider nozzles are incredibly aggressive chain slingers, ideal for the removal of roots, mineral deposits, and preparing pipe walls for renovation. 


Specialty Nozzles

Duebre’s selection of specialty nozzles offer unique solutions for unique applications.


Duebre Accessories

Find the Duebre accessories you need to stay organized, perform maintenance, and keep your operators safe in the field.