SPIDER Nozzles

Chain cutting tools

The Spider nozzles are incredibly aggressive chain slingers, ideal for the removal of roots, mineral deposits, and preparing rough pipe walls before renovation work. Equipped with bicycle chains, link chains, brush or wire attachments, and cutting heads, Spider nozzles are the prime choice for breaking up tough accumulations with simple assembly that makes starting up a breeze. Can be used with different centralizers to clean diameters ranging from 4-42" (100-1100 mm).

Duebre SPIDER 50 sewer nozzle


Small chain sling capable of navigating 90-degree bends; suitable for removing roots, mineral deposits, and other blockages

The smallest of the Spider family, this free-spinning chain cutter can navigate 90-degree angles in pipes to remove mineral deposits, small roots, and smooths rough pipe walls before maintenance or repair work. Three powerful rear jets propel the slinger down the pipe and flush out unwanted contaminants. Sling attachment options include link chains, control chains, and brush and wire cleaning heads.

Duebre Spider 6080 chain cutter for sewer cleaning

SPIDER 60/6080/80

The standard chain sling, ideal for removing smaller roots or preparing for renovation work

The next level of aggressive chain-cutters, these nozzles are the standard for removal of smaller roots and mineral deposits like lime or concrete sludge. Ideal for curved pipes in the house connection area and for preparation before maintenance or repair efforts, the free-spinning rotation of the chain attachments mercilessly cuts through debris and flushes it out with 4 powerful rear jets.

Duebre T-Spider sewer nozzle


Free-spinning chain slinger specializing in destruction of roots, concrete, grease, and other tough deposits

Six rear jets propel the T-Spider down the pipe to obliterate and flush roots, concrete, grease, mineral deposits and tuberculation, protrusions, and chemical buildups without causing pipe damage. Link chains, control chains, wires, and brushes are available and center-cutting head options make this nozzle easy to customize to your precise needs and are ideal for preparing pipes before renovation work or tackling severe blockages. Can be used with fresh and recycled water. Can be used with different centralizers to clean diameters ranging from 4 – 42".