About Warthog

When your reputation is on the line, you want Warthog in the line.

At StoneAge, we know that you want to take on any sewer and drain cleaning job with confidence. You need nozzles that work. The problem is that clearing some obstructions is harder than it should be and that can be frustrating. Your reputation deserves the best nozzles. We understand how maddening it can be when jobs don’t go as planned, which is why we created Warthog sewer nozzles.

With our extensive product line, there isn’t a pipe or job that Warthog can’t tackle. From small pipes with bends to larger pipe diameters, Warthog sewer nozzles have the pulling power to get you to the obstruction and the jet force to clear through it, descaling and flushing along the way.

Warthog Sewer Nozzles by StoneAge

Warthog sewer nozzles

StoneAge manufactures high-quality tools for sewer cleaning, distributed internationally as Warthog sewer nozzles. We also design custom-engineered equipment for application-specific challenges. Our products are distributed worldwide from our sales and rental facilities and across a global network of over 90 dealers in 60 countries.

StoneAge waterblast tools born in garage in Durango, CO

What started in a dusty shop in Durango, Colorado, over four decades ago, is now on the cutting edge of tool technology that’s used to clean industrial locations around the world. Think high-tech squirt guns on steroids. With limitless applications, waterjetting is used across a wide range of industries, including sewer and municipal.

StoneAge CEO in shop

At StoneAge, we live and breathe innovation. Our team is driven to engineer high-quality, industry-leading products that enable customers to solve tough challenges. We do what it takes to help our customers complete their jobs easily, safely, on time, on budget. We work diligently to inspire our customers to say, "Why would I choose anyone but Warthog?"

For more information about high-pressure waterblast tools and StoneAge, Inc., visit our parent website: www.stoneagetools.com


We are innovators and inventors inspired to move industry forward

Warthog sewer nozzles are the product of over 40 years of engineering and manufacturing waterjet tools for high-pressure industries, where working pressures can range up to 44,000 psi. With a deep understanding of waterjetting science and best practices, we are able to craft the most powerful and most durable tooling for the lower pressure requirements of the sewer sector.

Speaking of innovation, check out this video about the Switcher nozzle, the only tool in the industry that can switch jets while inside the pipe.