EXL Nozzles

Fixed Nozzles with Ceramic Inserts

DuebreTec fixed nozzles are hydrodynamic nozzles that utilize steel or ceramic inserts to maximize the life of the tool. Suitable for use with recycled water, these nozzles are the go-to for everything from soft deposits to heavy blockages. There are no moving parts, which means there is no maintenance required.

IDEAL FOR: These nozzles excel in flushing lines with strong rear jetting and utilize less overall power to clean.

Duebre Chisel Point sewer nozzles

Chisel Point

Duebre’s most popular nozzle, packing extreme unplugging power

This aggressive tool is ideal for dislodging heavy blockages like ice, sand, and mineral deposits from house to street. The angled design uses forward-facing jets to generate kinetic energy that rams the sharp edges into the obstruction, effectively breaking up the targeted material and flushing away the refuse with its powerful rear thrusting jets.

Duebre Standard EXL sewer nozzles


Unplugging and flushing power for everyday blockages

The Standard nozzle utilizes its well-balanced combination of flushing and cleaning power to remove normal blockages from in-house all the way to the main sewer line. Suitable for all pipe materials, the strong thrust of the Standard pulls the hose around corners and across long distances without sacrificing power.

Duebre Ejector sewer nozzle


A gentler approach to submerged cleaning of sensitive pipe systems

Ideal for difficult-to-access locations or sensitive channel and pipe systems, the Ejector nozzle draws water in and flushes it out of the back to gently remove sand, mud, and gravel from the bottom of the pipe. This nozzle must be submerged, and is designed to accelerate water flow up to 3-4 times inside the pipe to flush out solids.

Duebre Fluke sewer nozzle


Powerful flushing force suitable for clearing large bottom-of-pipe deposits

The Fluke’s powerful rear jets excel in flushing, cleaning large deposits of sand, pebbles, rocks, or other solids from the bottom of the line. Deep cleaning can be achieved with less water for a more efficient clean. The substantial weight keeps the nozzle from floating in high water-conducting channels.

Duebre EXL Guiding sewer nozzles


Enabling video feedback for precision cleaning of loose debris

Precise cleaning is possible under the camera observation of the Guiding nozzle. This tool can be moved into any position by a turn of the hose to target and remove loose debris, gravel, silt deposits, and soft accumulations.

Duebre Grenade-Bomb sewer cleaning nozzle


Clears heavy deposits like grease and gravel with powerful unplugging capabilities

The Grenade-Bomb is a more robust tool designed to clean grease and bio-film from the circumference of a pipe, as well as flushing heavier deposits like gravel, sand, and mineral build-up when retracted. The substantial weight of the tool remains centered in the pipe, with excellent unblocking power from the powerful front jet.

Duebre Bull-Bomb sewer nozzle


Unique pendulum weight design tackles large-diameter pipe with easy retraction

The specially designed silhouette of the Bull-Bomb cleans heavily soiled egg-shaped and large channels and pipes from sand and sediment. This robust nozzle provides a constant, optimal cleaning of the channel bottom and problem-free nozzle retraction, even when encountering large offsets.

Duebre Bulldozer sewer nozzle


Remains submerged and self-stabilizes with interchangeable skids to avoid getting stuck

The Bulldozer’s unblocking power is used in heavily polluted pipes, cleaning the bottom of the lines while staying submerged. This tool can move forward and backward without getting stuck due to the smooth bottom design. A heavily weighted cage sits atop stainless steel skids, providing a sturdy, self-leveling base. Extra weight can be added to increase stability, and the skids can be replaced once they wear out.