A Tool for Every Sewer Cleaning Job

Choose from a full spectrum of performance nozzles to unplug, flush, and destroy roots

In sewer cleaning, there is no one-size-fits-all tool. From flushing sediment out of delicate clay pipes to clearing major blockages in municipal sewer systems, you need a reliable tool at the right price. Whether you choose from Warthog’s line of patented controlled-rotation nozzles or Duebre’s selection of robust static nozzles and chain-cutters, you’ll find exactly what you need no matter the job.

Warthog rotary sewer nozzles

Warthog Rotary Nozzles

Warthog has the industry’s leading selection of controlled-rotation tools that are specifically engineered with tough blockages and routine cleaning in mind. Custom configurations of Warthog attack tips give you the exact amount of power you need to break up, flush out, and power clean any pipe or drain.

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DuebreTec fixed sewer nozzles

Fixed & Specialty Nozzles

A wide variety of static nozzles that know how to hit the blockage where it hurts in any pipe material or size. With low maintenance-free nozzles and hydrodynamic ceramic inserts that offer extended service life, Duebre nozzles have you covered.