Specialty Nozzles

Duebre’s selection of specialty nozzles offer unique solutions for unique applications, whether you’re dealing with tough grease blockages or the cleanup at the end of your day.

Duebre Aquadrill sewer nozzles


Rotating nozzle with powerful rear thrust designed for removing blockages from vertical pipes

The Aquadrill is propelled by 6 or 8 rear jets, sending the rotating body with its single front jet up vertical pipes to penetrate and flush blockages and grease. Suitable for use with hot water up to 190° F.

Duebre Atomic penetrator nozzle for sewer cleaning


Powerful flushing and penetrating power for pipes with difficult blockages

A heavy-duty, powerful nozzle with flat rear jets that generate extreme thrust as well as flushing energy, with a tapered head for targeting blockages of debris, ice, or other materials that require extra force. Flat-angled jets at the rear keep the nozzle pulling down the line with a highly effective proximity to each other to reduce gaps in the cleaning path.

Duebre Hollow Nozzle for sewer cleaning

Hollow Nozzle

Hardened steel body with intense pulling power to flush stones and sand

With a robust hardened steel body, the Hollow nozzle boasts incredibly strong pulling and cleaning power due to its numerous rear thrusting jets. Lightweight construction is propelled with several flat-angle water jets to remove deposits, stones, and sand.

Duebre dump nozzles for sewer cleaning

Dump Nozzle

Designed with extreme rear thrust ideal for drainage pipes

The Dump nozzle uses up to 10 rear jets to attack drainage pipes with extreme pulling and flushing force. When connected to a lightweight hose and adjusted to the appropriate water pressure, this nozzle can travel up to 400 meters (about the height of the Empire State Building) down the line. The extremely flat jet angles are aggressive and require the use of an abrasion- and wear-resistant hose.

Duebre Mustang sewer cleaning nozzle


An economical, high-thrust nozzle able to run at very low pressures

This cost-effective nozzle boasts maximum efficiency at minimum pressure, with extraordinary cleaning power achieved at or below 1600 psi at the pump. Conserve water and fuel with this efficient and budget-friendly nozzle when clearing grease, sediment, or needing to clean the top of the pipe as well.

Duebre Phantom sewer nozzle


Lightweight, aircraft-grade aluminum packs a powerful punch to flush the bottom of pipes

Lightweight, aircraft-grade aluminum makes for a light yet robust nozzle. The Phantom was specially designed with adjusted outlet angles to clean landfill pipes and refurbished sewer lines. This pushing nozzle is ideal for flushing the bottom of pipes from grease, sand, and sediment. The Phantom’s reducers can be removed for attaching to a bigger hose. The softer material will wear over time to “erase” the indicator ring, showing when it is time to order your replacement.

Duebre T-Bomb sewer nozzles


Hydrodynamically designed to clean 360 degrees and flush grease, deposits, stones, and sand

A combination of flat fan jet nozzles at the top and round jet nozzles in the rear provide the perfect solution for cleaning prior to CCTV inspections. The umbrella-style cleaning attacks deposits from all points without having to slow down like rotational nozzles. This nozzle can be mounted to a cage to keep it centralized while clearing grease, stones, or sand.