Warthog WT

Triumph over tough-to-clean pipes

The Warthog WT has a round body design to easily maneuver multiple bends, elbows, wyes, or sweeps without getting stuck— even in settled pipe. Delivering the best clean in the industry, WT nozzles boast concentrated jets and patented controlled rotation technology for 360° cleaning on pipe walls.

IDEAL FOR: 3-6 inch / 80-150 mm pipes | 3/8" and 1/2" or BSPP inlets


Warthog WT Classic

Cost effective, reliable nozzles for everyday jobs, the WT Classic swiftly navigates elbows and bends in 3-6" / 80-150 mm pipes with roots, ice, and other blockages.

Warthog WT Pro

Tackle challenging jobs with the WT Pro, built with two specialized ports for descaling and clearing blockages from 3-6” / 80-150 mm lines with bends.


Preconfigured nozzles for optimum performance in everyday routine jobs.

“I need a trusted workhorse that’s efficient for everyday jobs.”


Customizable nozzles tuned for specific pulling, descaling or cutting needs on the job.

“I need customized jetting that delivers precision power for my specific job.”


Highly specialized and rugged nozzles for elite performance on the most demanding jobs.

“I need high performance and low maintenance to maximize productivity.”