Cutting-Edge Controlled Rotation Technology

Nozzles with fixed jets do not hit the whole pipe surface, leaving “stripes.” Only rotating nozzles reliably clean the entire inner surface of the pipe. Warthog pioneered controlled rotation in the sewer market to ensure water hits 360° of the pipe interior at a speed that delivers the most effective interior cleaning.

Our controlled rotation technology uses a fluid braking system to slow nozzle rotation so that the jets have sufficient dwell time to penetrate and break up deposits. Controlled rotation provides powerful cleaning for pipe interiors in addition to clearing obstructions of all kinds: hair, roots, organic deposits, fats, oils, and grease. 

With the recent expansion and improvement of our product lines, adding a controlled rotation nozzle to your fleet is easier than ever.

Warthog controlled rotation sewer cleaning nozzles
Warthog nozzle jet angles for sewer cleaning

Jet Angles Matter, Here's Why

Warthog nozzles come in standard, descaling, and pulling configurations. We differ from other industry nozzles by utilizing controlled rotation technology and customizing the jetting configuration through our jetting app to optimize water usage to tackle nearly all applications. 

DESCALING - Side jets are angled directly at the walls to cut through hard deposits

UNIVERSAL - Jets thrust the tool forward while concurrently cleaning the surface

PULLING/FLUSHING - Powerful rear jets propel the tool down the line and flush out debris

We also offer nozzles that tune descaling or pulling performance for a variety of special conditions such a tackling root balls, preventing blown toilets, and using recycled water in certain cases.