Warthog WG

Guaranteed results for sewer and stormwater pipes

The WG features Warthog’s patented controlled rotation technology to ensure water hits 360° of pipe walls— delivering the best clean in the industry. A great way to maximize the investment of your existing setup, WG nozzles guarantee you’ll get optimal performance from your sewer cleaning equipment.

IDEAL FOR: 8”-36" / 200-900 mm pipes | 1” and 1¼” or BSPP inlets


Warthog WG Classic

Cost effective, reliable nozzles for everyday routine jobs. The WG Classic is designed with pre-set jetting configurations for optimal performance.

Warthog WGA Pro

Durable nozzles with simple maintenance, the WG Pro offers customizable jetting, descaling jets, and recycled water operation for tackling routine and complex jobs.

Warthog WGR Magnum

Effectively handle any job that comes your way. The WG Magnum offers premium durability, descaling jets, and recycled water operation.


Preconfigured nozzles for optimum performance in everyday routine jobs.

“I need a trusted workhorse that’s efficient for everyday jobs.”


Customizable nozzles tuned for specific pulling, descaling or cutting needs on the job.

“I need customized jetting that delivers precision power for my specific job.”


Highly specialized and rugged nozzles for elite performance on the most demanding jobs.

“I need high performance and low maintenance to maximize productivity.”