Warthog X

XTREME cleaning capabilities

The Warthog X can handle your longest runs thanks to powerful back jets that maximize thrust and flush out debris. Featuring an elliptical body design, the X can easily maneuver multiple bends, elbows, wyes or sweeps with far less hang-ups in offsets, fractures and settled pipe. Plus, patented controlled rotation technology ensures 360° cleaning on pipe walls for industry-leading results.

IDEAL FOR: 3”-8" / 80-200 mm pipes | 3/8" and 1/2" or BSPP inlet sizes


Warthog X

With extended viscous service life, a unique combination of fixed and rotary jets, plus an optional whip hose, the Warthog X is the industry's most powerful puller/descaler nozzle for 3-8" / 80-200 mm pipes.