Duebre Allstar kit for sewer cleaning

AllStar Kit 2.0

The ultimate starter kit with 5 unique milling heads to tackle all types of removal

The only kit of its kind, the AllStar Kit 2.0 is packed with a rotating Spider nozzle and 5 different milling-style heads to suit 4”, 6”, and 8” pipes. The free-spinning body is equipped with 6 rear thrusting jets and 3 internal jets to fuel the rotation of the various heads. Each head has its specialty, whether you’re tackling mineral deposits, limestone buildup, cement, grease, roots, or total blockages. This package also comes with additional tools and accessories like wire brush attachments, bicycle chains, link chains, and centralizing rings in varying lengths to suit different pipe sizes.

Duebre Allstar kit components

What's included:

Free-spinning Spider nozzle: 

Turbine rotary drive with 3x M4 ceramic drive nozzle inserts as well as 6x M6 ceramic thrust nozzle inserts 

5 head options:  
  1. Pointed Milling Cutter for removing blockages of wet wipes, grease, ice, or roots
  2. Single Row Link Chain Cutter for removing roots, mineral deposits, fat, and roughening of pipe walls before installation of inliner
  3. Double Row Roller Chain Cutter for removing heavy root ingrowths, grease, and roughing of pipe walls before installation of inliner
  4. Milling Cutting Ball for removal of mineral deposits as well as opening of various inliner materials
  5. Center Cutter for removal of roots and blockages 
Additional Accessories: 
  • Brush attachments for the removal of heavy root ingrowths and roughening of pipe walls before installation of inliner
  • Centralizing guide support ring with adjustable size options for stabilizing and easy maneuvering of bends
  • Protective stainless-steel cap to protect and prevent damage in pipe bends
  • 2 socket spanners
  • 3 Allen spanners
  • 2 hook spanners
  • Reduction adapter, 1-1/4
  • 1 carrying case with protective foam inlay