Removing Heavy Root Blockages in Limited Access Environments

San Diego Drain Krew

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Problem: A two-story building in southern California was experiencing a backed-up line despite efforts by a previous plumbing company to snake the line. Nicholas Krewson of San Diego Drain Krew found that the line was being blocked by heavy roots intrusions. To be positioned effectively, the hose would need to be run 120 feet down into the building from its roof. Adding further complexity to the situation, the roof could not be easily accessed by ladder and the building was designed with back-to-back toilets. In order to mitigate an emergency dig-up, the property needed a solution to resolve the blockage and restore flow without damaging the pipe walls.

Solution: A 1/2” WS Warthog Nozzle was used in conjunction with a water jetter to effectively clear the roots. Equipped with the Warthog nozzle and jetter hose, Krewson climbed to the roof of the two-story building to gain the access needed. First, the line was scoped with a camera to identify the extent of the root intrusions. As the hose was lowered 120 feet through the building via a roof vent, the side-to-side flexibility of the unit’s inlet hose shortened its rigid length to more effectively navigate the limited access environment and remove the roots.

Result: The 1/2” WS Warthog Nozzle cut through the roots blocking the line to restore flow without causing damage to the pipe walls. Resolving the root blockages at this time enabled the property to complete the installation of a set of two-way cleanouts for easy future maintenance, instead of doing an emergency dig-up.