Warthog WGR Magnum in the News!

The Warthog Nozzles were featured in our home-town newspaper, The Durango Herald, as we approach the moment we’ve all been waiting for: the blockages.

With toilet paper in short supply, the city of Durango is pleading with residents to not flush other paper products, which have been wreaking havoc on sewer lines since the coronavirus outbreak.

“We knew it was coming based on what’s happening in our community with the toilet paper issue,” said Jarrod Biggs, assistant utilities director. “But now we’re really starting to see it manifest.”

As the coronavirus spread across the U.S., people started to panic-buy, assuming there could be long days and nights of quarantine or self-isolation ahead.

But it wasn’t milk or bread that flew off the shelves. Yes, some people cleared out canned foods. But by far, the most prized item in grocery stores became toilet paper.

Even now, several weeks after the coronavirus became a part of daily life, toilet paper is hard to come by.