San Diego, Calif., Drain Cleaning Specialist Nick Krewson with San Diego Drain Krew was called to service a storm and landscape drain at a residential home. There were two root intrusions infiltrating through the joints and the roof gutter tie-ins that created a large horsetail and root masses. For the San Diego Krew’s customer, this was the last attempt to remedy the root issue before having to saw cut 130’ of concrete along the length of the house and around back pool area.


Using a US Jetting 4018 with the Warthog 1/2″ WT Nozzle at 18-21 GPM and 3,500 PSI, the Drain Cleaner was able to cut the large root intrusions and pull them out of the storm drain. The roots were so massive that it took 3-5 minutes to get through each one to cut them out.


The WT nozzle was able to successfully remove these huge root masses without any breaks or damage to the pipes. The San Diego Krew’s customer saved thousands of dollars by not having to rip up his concrete which would have included the whole left side of the house.

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