Company Bio: US Jetting sets the standard in the high pressure water jetting industry. Our jetters are used to clean sewers, drains, and industrial lines all over the world. They are also used in hydro-demolition, surface preparation, fiber-optic cable installation, steel cutting, and safe disposal of ordinance. US Jetting equipment is engineered to be reliable and profitable, and our extensive field testing produces jetters that are constantly evolving to meet the diverse needs of our customers. Our trailer and truck-mounted jetters are available with a variety of engine and pump configurations, water tanks, and other equipment; trailer jetter configurations are matched with appropriate braking systems.

Company Website:

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What State(s) or Countries are you located in?

All over the USA (Offices in California & Georgia) & in 46 Countries so far

How long has your company been in business?

30 years

How long has your company been an Authorized Warthog Dealer?

Forever! I think we might have been one of first warthog dealers in the USA.

What’s a fun fact about your company or the people who work for you?

We are one big family from all over the world (England, India, Vietnam to name a few). Over half of our team at US Jetting have been employed here for 10 + Years!

Why is serving sewer and drain cleaners important to you and your company?

We love solving people’s problems. We like to be given a challenge and coming up with a nozzle solution or jetting solution. Receiving the phone call that our recommendations worked.

What is something your customers encounter with jetting jobs in your region? Is it certain root blockages, damaged pipes?

When we are talking to customers about jetting machines or nozzles one of our main questions is what is the in the pipe you are trying to clean? 90% of the time its roots. The moment a customers says that, we know exactly what nozzle to recommend. The Warthog nozzle!

What is the best part about selling Warthogs nozzles to your customers?

We are known in the jetting industry to provide the best quality jetters on the market. We back that up with our unmatched customer service and partnering with a nozzle company that has a similar mind set makes in a win win for our customers.

Any words of wisdom for individuals looking to get into jetting?

The jetting industry is probably one of the most rewarding industries to be in. While it is an investment that investment pays off quickly if you put your mind to it. Instead of trying to cable a line for hours on end Jet It. Know when to send the jet out vs cabling a line will save your and your company time and money. Cleaning the circumference of the pipe instead of just boring a hole in the blockage is worth every penny your customers will spend.

If your company had to be described as a certain fruit or vegetable, which one would it be and why?

This is a hard one…I decided to ask around the company they suggested and here are a few I was given: Eggplant – No explanation needed…. Watermelon – Because there is always something juicy going on around here ;/ Turnip, Pickle, Radish, Grapes, Dragonfruit….. I think the best one I got was from our CFO. He said we are a JackFruit. We are hard on the outside and sweet and juicy on the inside.

Any reason why someone should consider purchasing a Warthog nozzle?

It’s a very important tool in the arsenal. While it’s not a cheap nozzle it is an efficient nozzle that is a necessity for any drain tech. The nozzle, if maintained properly will last for a long time!