Company Bio: Family owned and operated since 1969, Standard Equipment Company provides environmental equipment solutions for municipalities, contractors and companies. We have built a reputation for excellence by offering the finest new equipment, a large selection of parts, excellent service and unparalleled customer support. We customize environmental equipment solutions for every situation by putting our customer’s needs first. Standard’s greatest ability is dependability.

Company Website:

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What is your name?

Stephanie Shelton/Jason Kime

What is the name of your company?

Standard Equipment Co

What Country and State(s) if applicable are you located in?

Elmhurst, IL

What email or webpage should we direct people to set up demos or sales inquiries?

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How long has your company been in business?

51 years

How long has your company been an Authorized Warthog Dealer?

Since 2018

What’s a fun fact about your company or the people who work for you?

There are a number of former Vactor Mfg. employees that work together here.

Why is serving sewer and drain cleaners important to you and your company?

We are committed to our community and our environment.

Do you have a good story on how you helped a customer solve a problem or issue?

Jason Kimes told this story:  While performing a nozzle demonstration with our nozzle trailer, a customer asked if they could run their Bulldog, so I replied, “Of course.” They got it all hooked up, waiting to show me how good it was. We let it rip and to their disappointment the head didn’t spin at all. The supervisor asked the operator how long has it been like that? All the operator could do was shrug his shoulders.  Always check your nozzles folks!

What is something your customers encounter with jetting jobs in your region?

Our customers encounter a multitude of different issues while jetting including roots, grease, and damaged pipe. However, one in particular that comes to mind is Calcium deposits. While doing a demonstration with a Warthog we were pulling back half-moon shaped deposits that were more than six inches in length. It amazed us how many were brought back in one run.

Is there something specifically that is encountered that is unique to your area? Ex: certain root blockages, damaged pipes? etc.?

Roots and grease.

What is the best part about selling Warthogs nozzles to your customers?

The interaction with the customer is the best part. Not only do we do onsite demonstrations but in-field also. The first time a customer uses a Warthog and brings back a giant root ball I normally get a message or a phone call stating, you really weren’t kidding.

If your company had to be described as a certain fruit or vegetable, which one would it be and why?

We, at Standard Equipment, are most like carrots, because we are deeply rooted in our community and our values run deep as well. Carrots help with your vision and this represents our “vision” of helping our customers with not only their environmental needs but growth for their futures.

Any words of wisdom for individuals looking to get into jetting?

Keep your mouth shut! I learned this lesson my first day. That “Mystery Mist” doesn’t taste very good.

Any reason why someone should consider purchasing a Warthog nozzle?

Because not only is it superb at taking out roots with hydraulics, it is an excellent general cleaning nozzle as well.