Company Bio: Patterson Equipment Company has been in business since 2008. With decades of experience in the industrial equipment industry, we are able to provide the knowledge and service to all our customers to ensure total customer satisfaction when purchasing equipment and parts for their fleets. We have earned the trust of our customers by offering the most reliable and cost effective equipment and with our dedication to providing personal service, training and support.

Company Website:

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What State are you located in?

The great state of TEXAS!

How long have your company been in business?

Since 2008

How long has your company been an Authorized Warthog Dealer?

1 and a 1/2 years

What’s a fun fact about your company or the people who work for you?

Patterson Equipment sponsors a great program BOOTS FOR TROOPS. Boots for Troops provides custom care packages for service members while deployed, each package come with a new pair of boots. With our son currently serving in the US Marine Corps and our Regional Sales Manager, David Lagunas, who served with the United States Navy, we are happy to contribute to this great cause.

Do you have a good story on how you helped a customer solve a problem or issue?

We were recently in South Texas (in July…hot!) delivering a combination truck to a customer. The temperature was well over 100 degrees and the wastewater department was dealing with 2 supercharged manholes. We suggested utilizing the Warthog 1″ Magnum nozzle to run up the dry side to get to the blockage and relieve the flow that was backing up the road. The Magnum nozzle reached the blockage – which was a large mass of roots and grease – and immediately began penetrating and relieving the flow. Needless to say, the customer was very impressed and purchased on-site!

Why is serving sewer and drain cleaners important to you and your company?

Sewer and drain cleaning equipment play an important role in keeping the infrastructure of the cities we serve operational. Patterson Equipment not only represents the highest quality products in the industry, we also provide the training and support for our customers to tackle these tough jobs with confidence.

What is something your customers encounter with jetting jobs in your region? Is it certain root blockages, damaged pipes?

Texas and Louisiana experience both flood and drought conditions which cause sewer and water lines to move and often separate with the ground conditions changing so severely.

What is the best part about selling Warthogs nozzles to your customers?

Seeing the customer come to the realization that cutting roots and grease can be accomplished much more efficiently with a water jetting technology tool than with mechanical cutting devices like chain flails and roots saws which can cause additional pipe damage.

Any words of wisdom for individuals looking to get into jetting?

Identify your jetting target – pipe diameters, which is critical for investing in the correct GPM and PSI on your jetting equipment for optimal cleaning. Proper nozzle selection goes hand-in-hand with knowing your flow and pressure. The technology of cleaning tools is always advancing and you need to choose a manufacturer that is evolving and utilizing current technology, like all Warthog products.

If your company had to be described as a certain fruit or vegetable, which one would it be and why?

Passion Fruit! “Excellence is the gradual result of always striving to do better.” – Pat Riley. We are a passionate company always striving to provide the best! Best products, best service, best support.