Fer-Marc Equipment Ltd. Fer-Marc has been in business for over 56 years providing superior quality products with exceptional service and excellent parts inventory to municipalities, industries and contractors. The success of the company pays tribute to its dedicated suppliers, consistent customers and outstanding staff.

Website: https://www.fer-marc.com/

Email: https://www.fer-marc.com/contact-us

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FerMarcEquipment1962/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/FerMarcEquip

How long has your company been an Authorized Warthog Dealer?

For about approximately 1 year.

What Country (state if applicable) and city are you located in?

Saskatchewan, Canada

How long have your company been in business?

For 56 years!

Do you have a good story on how you helped a customer solve a problem or issue?

Yes, we had one customer who recently contacted us stating that they were having complaints of residents that either had no water in their toilets or that their toilet was “blowing up”. They contacted us for a recommendation for a nozzle and a process that would help them prevent this from happening. We recommended the Control Clean nozzle. We delivered it to them and gave them a tutorial on what they should be doing when operating the nozzle to prevent their problem from happening again. They have since called us to thank us as they have not had any more complaints from their residents.

What is something your customers encounter with jetting jobs in your region? Is it certain root blockages, damaged pipes?

We encounter a lot of ice. With our climate being very cold in the winter the ice build up is sometimes a problem. Having nozzles that can penetrate and optimize water usage are great for this application.

Why is serving sewer and drain cleaners important to you and your company?

Our Fer-Marc team is extremely proud to be in business for over 50 years providing superior quality products with exceptional service and excellent parts inventory to Municipalities and Contractors throughout Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Alberta. The success of the company pays tribute to its dedicated suppliers. We represent only the industry leading, highest quality and innovative suppliers possible. They share the same strong commitment to customer service that we do. We take great pride in having been blessed with exceptional people on our team, many whom have been with us for more than 25 years!

Any words of wisdom for individuals looking to get into jetting?

Take your time, do your research and choose the best!

What is the best part about selling Warthogs nozzles to your customers?

Hearing all the stories and being able to assist our customers in doing their job more efficiently.

Any reason why someone should consider purchasing a Warthog nozzle?

They are amazing! The Warthog Sewer line has a wide range of nozzles that can tackle any job! There are multiple configurations for each nozzle and optimize water usage!

If your company had to be described as a certain fruit or vegetable, which one would it be and why?

I don’t think that we could just be one fruit or vegetable, rather a basket of fruits and veggies! Each member of our dedicated team bring qualities that makes us exceptional, strong and dynamic. With all of these qualities our team has one common goal; providing exceptional value, service with a vast knowledge and an amiable support environment.