Our Dealers are Your Partners. They are an extension of our team and here to help you with your tools or next purchase. Today we are featuring Drainchem out of Australia on a WG that they serviced for a customer of theirs! 

I took this tool off the hose on a recycler jet truck. This WG tool is #3015 so its over 5 years old. The customer originally purchased this to run off a 265 lpm @ 2000 psi jet truck. When he purchased a new recycler combo truck rated at 400 lpm @ 3000psi he swapped the tool between the trucks.The recycled water wore the jets out in no time. He was not getting his 400 lpm flow rate at first but as the jets wore he got more flow but lost pressure. The extra pressure and flow forced the oil out of the tool and it eventually ceased. He wanted to upgrade to the WGR tool with 11/4″ inlet and was about to throw the old WG out.

Drainchem rebuilt the old WG and installed Carbide jets.and now the customer has a WG for his Jetter and a WGR for his recycler. Both are jetted correctly now and the WG should last a few more years (with regular service)

As an Authorised agent of Warthog by StoneAge, Drainchem Service Warthogs with a next day turn around. Drainchem have all spare parts in stock as well as a huge range of new Warthog tools.

Call Drainchem for Sales and Service of all your Warthogs to ensure they are operating at peak performance. This will save you jetting time, fuel and labour costs and make your company more competitive.

Marshall Horne 0409 850 577