What Country (state if applicable) and city are you located in?

Arizona, New Mexico & Clark County, Nevada.

How long have your company been in business?

Since 1975 so for 45 years!

How long has your company been an Authorized Warthog Dealer?

Since the beginning!

What’s a fun fact about your company or the people who work for you?

We work hard & play hard!

Do you have a good story on how you helped a customer solve a problem or issue?

We don’t just sell equipment, we give advice and helpful information to anybody in the industry.

Why is serving sewer and drain cleaners important to you and your company?

Without proper cleaning of our sewers we would get the Bubonic plague and nobody wants that!

What is something your customers encounter with jetting jobs in your region? Is it certain root blockages, damaged pipes?

We get it all!

Any words of wisdom for individuals looking to get into jetting?

Don’t be cheap! Get a Warthog!

What is the best part about selling Warthogs nozzles to your customers?

The look on their face after they have used it the first time. With the usually comment “Why have I not used this before!”

Any reason why someone should consider purchasing a Warthog nozzle?

Because Frank Ligori is AWESOME!

If your company had to be described as a certain fruit or vegetable, which one would it be and why?

A Beer!